So yesterday we did the big launch of Be My Eyes, and what a splash we made!

I am so proud of having been part of this.

I work from home, which basically means that I have set up an office in the bedroom.
Working from home is amazing: If you have to pick up the kids or run an errand you just do it, and catch up on the hours later.

Yesterday was an exceptionally good day to work from home:
Launching Be My Eyes and scaling the api was a big thing, we had about 9000 new users in 24 hour, so I had to keep an eye on New Relic and the server.
But I was not tucked away in an office somewhere in the city. I was in the bedroom with the door open. I even played a game of "Call of Duty" with my son. How cool is that to be able to be so available on the day of the big launch!

Furthermore my work became very relevant as my family could follow along and see how we did. From hour to hour they could see that we got new users and how the server did. I think they might even have understood a bit more of what I do.

For Be My Eyes it was a big win as well, since I could put in a lot more hours and be a lot more relaxed than if I had been in an office somewhere away from home.