Vlog: what is an API (for non-tech people)

So I decided to try something new:
I made a video explaining what an API is!

Of course if you are a software developer you probably already know, so move on then, or wait just a second - you could show this video to a business person you know :-)

So if you are, say maybe a business person, you have maybe heard developers talk about the API, and maybe you thought: "What the heck is an API?".
Well that is what I am going to explain to you in this video:

Now, what I explained in the video is that, basically an API is like a website for phone apps.
So you could say that you iPhone app browses a website, when it calls the API.
The app can both get and post data to the API, just like when you for instance search on google, then you post a search term like maybe: "new iPhone model" and google sends the results back to you.
Basically that is what the phone app does when it calls the api.

Just to make it clear, API means Application Programmable Interface. And it can be more than just what I am talking about here (which is an API for a phone app), but getting in to that would be too long haired for this post.