Start umbraco with mvc four

I found an article by Ben Morris and it was very useful, however it seems to be gone now, so to remember it, I keep it here:

The below text is from this stackoverflow

This setup worked really well for me (Umbraco version 6.1.6)

Firstly, start an empty MVC 4 project in Visual Studio – make sure it is an empty project as you will not need any of the baggage that comes with other project templates.
Add the NuGet Umbraco Cms Core Binaries package which will manage the various dependencies and references that Umbraco 6 requires for you.
Copy all the files from the Umbraco installation ZIP archive directly into your project in Visual Studio except the App_Code and Bin folders – you won’t need the binaries as they are managed by NuGet and the App_Code folder is not used in a web application project.
If you want Umbraco to play nice to MVC and be able to use Razor views, you should change the default rendering engine to MVC in Config\UmbracoSettings.config like so: