This is just a run through of my Mac setup - I do this mostly for myself, so I can find it whenever I need to setup a Mac, but you are welcome to take a peek :-)

First of all Caps Lock (I never hit Caps Lock except by mistake): PC Keyboard Hack is an excellent tool for mapping your Caps Lock key. Funny enough in the settings of OS X, you cannot map Caps Lock to Esc, so you need an external tool for this.

For other keyboard shortcuts I use Keymando it took a while for them to get ready for Mavericks, but now everything works just fine.
I mostly use keymando for window managment since Mac is missing this feature. Keymando can do so much more, but i have not gotten into this yet. The part of my keymando file that does window management looks thus:

map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Up>", Commands.window_move_to_full_screen
map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Down>", Commands.window_move_to_center
map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Left>", Commands.window_move_to_left
map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Right>", Commands.window_move_to_right

For general setup of the Mac I use this script, which I got from my colleague Chris Kjær

As most other Mac users, I use Alfred for task stuff - please do remember to buy a license so they can keep on building this awesome tool (in general that is a good idea for all these small tools that makes your day).

As a text editor Sublime Text is the best I have seen, once again Chris provided me with an excellent setup found in this gist

I use f.lux to control the colors of the screen according to the time of day.

When running Windows on Mac Parallels is the best tool for the job.

Of course when using a unix system - the command line is indisposable, and a good tool for the command line is iTerm2.
Some nice tricks for the commandline on mac

My eyes are not that great - sometimes I need to zoom in on something, to see it clearly - that is really simple on a Mac:
⌘⌥8 simply toggles zoom, so to see something up close simply press ⌘⌥8, and when you are done, press ⌘⌥8 once again.

Finally Matt Gemmell has written a really nice article about using shortcuts on the Mac

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