There is a danish movie called "hannibal & Jerry". It's a story about a little boy who buys a dog - the dog later is discovered to be able to speak (it's a kids movie).

So the boy takes the dog for a walk and is having a conversation with his dog. During this conversation he walks out in front of a police car and is nearly run over.

Out of the police car steps two policemen: the good cop and the bad cop.

So Hannibal the little boy introduces himself and tells the two policemen that the dog can actually talk.

The good cop responds with "ohh the world is so big and wonderful" - The bad cop responds that dogs can't speek.

So where do I want to go with this story?

It's a matter of perspective, many programmers tend to think that they know all there is to know about programming, and they need to learn nomore - like the bad cop.

And some programmers have the attitude that the world (also that of computer science) is a lot bigger than we know. Hence we must learn througout our lives.

The last kind tends to be the best.....