About me

Hello my name is Klaus Hebsgaard, I live in Galten a small town close to Aarhus, Denmark's second biggest city.

Drawing I have been building software, professionally, since 1999.

I write a TIL on github

Particularly interested in:
Go (golang)
Remote work (http://37signals.com/remote/)
Asp.net MVC
Adding value to the business through software.
Solution Architecture.

Professional experience highlights:

Programming languages: Ruby, C#, C++, JavaScript, Perl, Scala and Go (golang)

Platforms/frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Angular, Ember, Play

Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (I very much prefer Linux)

Certifications: Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Sitecore Developer ( but not interested in Sitecore development )

Personal Details
I live with my wife and our 3 kids. The oldest has aspergers, the youngest a milder form of autism, so I know about kids with special needs.
I am a christian and attend a church called Galten Valgmenighed, we are part of the danish national church, which in turn is an evangelical lutheran church.

See more about my experience on LinkedIn
If you want to see some code take a look at github